Monday, December 10, 2007

And another 1...

Today in Music Business History, we learned about Atlantic Records via movie. It was mainly about Ahmet Ertegün. His pen name when he would write songs was Nugetre, which was his last name backwards. He co-founded Atlantic along with Herb Abramson. His father was a turkish ambassador to the united states. Atlantic is said to be the most important independent label of all time. Sadly, Ahmet passed away not too long ago (October 29, 2006) at the age of 83. Rest in Power. I am now on a quest for Ray Charles' "Mess Around" on vinyl.

I received a weird letter that was apparantly from "Santa Claus." The strange part about this letter, is that on the bottom off the letter it makes a comment about how Mrs. Claus reminded him that "i'm a great father and a great student." Then to make matters more strange, my mom got the same letter, but on the bottom it commented about her being a great grandmother.

I want to know who sent these letters.

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